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Gamsız Piano

Early Piano Works by Emir Gamsız

Piano: Emir Gamsız

ALBUM | 6 compositions, 41:28 minutes

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Emir Gamsız’s first album gathers his early piano, chamber music and piano and orchestra works together. In this album you will find signs of Gamsız’s musical journey from Istanbul to Paris and then to New York. In some of the pieces Gamsız salutes his favorite composers from the history. His process to maturity as a composer can be traced throughout the album. Alla Turca Around the World album consists piano pieces Emir Gamsız composed 25 years ago, a chamber music piece composed 15 years ago with the support of his close friend, composer Erkin Arslan, and a piano & orchestra piece composed 10 years ago.


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Emir Gamsız (1973)

Op.1, No.1 - Dribble Waltz

Op.1, No.2 - Once upon a time

Op.1, No.3 - Drunk in Paris

Op.2, No.1 - Les Variations d'Heybeli

Op.2, No.2 - E G E Nocturne

Op.1, No.4 - Rhapsody on Istanbul Tunes

Op.4, No.1 - Alla Turca Around The World