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Emir Gamsız (1973)

Op.4, No.1 - Alla Turca around the World

Emir Gamsız, piano


This piece is in the album:

"Gamsız Piano"

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Alla Turca around the World is a piece for piano and orchestra with a melody traveling to different continents while transforming to each continent's musical style. The melody is in Turkish 9/8 rhythm (2-2-2-3). It first transforms to a blend of blues scale and latin rhythm representing America, then Indonesian and Asian scales help us travel to the mysterious atmosphere of the east. After the thunder drums and bells (Glockenspiel) playing the theme in Chinese pentatonic scale, African percussions and even a basketball accompanied by an African children song takes over. The little fugato of the whole orchestra representing the European music is the transition back to the original Turkish version of the melody. Coda speeds up the tempo with the help of another uneven rhythm of 7/8 and of course in the Turkish style (2-2-3 / 2-3-2).