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Emir Gamsız (1973)

Op.2, No.1 - Les Variations d'Heybeli

Emir Gamsız, piano


This piece is in the album:

"Gamsız Piano"

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After studying and composing a few atonal pieces in The City College of New York, Gamsız was even more into tonal music. He became a student of Pulitzer Prize winning composer David Del Tredici and since Del Tredici is considered as the father of the neo-romanticism, he made a great influence on Gamsız's works. He always wanted to play romantic style virtuoso piano variations with a Turkish Theme, so he composed one for himself. Biz Heybeli'de Her Gece Mehtaba Cikardik is a famous song in Turkish Classical Music by Yesari Asim Arsoy. This song is usually sung by people having fun at a dinner table, drinking Turkish national alcohol named Rakı, Gamsız dedicated this piece to the mother of his beloved second family in Paris; Arzu Okay. Each variation is in another composer's style (Beethoven, Liszt, Chopin, Mendelssohn), with a variation written as the improvisational section of Turkish Classical Music song form; called Taksim.