Women of New York is a comedic play that chronicles stories of New York women over the course of a week, right before the city is hit by a hurricane. Through a montage of quirky but familiar “only in New York” snapshots, the audience identifies with the struggles and dilemmas of contemporary women they know so well. This truly ‘New York experience’ is accompanied with live jazz by Stephanie Layton and John Lander. 

The performance was filmed on March 2016. Presented by 4thU Artivists; proceeds of this production  benefited organizations working to end violence against women & girls; Her Justice, Restore NYC & V-Day.

Written and directed by Ege Maltepe


Lynn Bourbeau, Mary Anne Holliday, Shena Gryffudd, Elizabeth Raia, Maria Severny, Pangia Macri,  Tammy Twotone, Niesha Brown, Derya Celikkol, Lisa Curry, Yi Liu, Luisa Alarcon, Amelia Zuver, Deborah Roth, Rebecca Geneve, Joanie Watkins, Ege Maltepe, Antonio Truyols, Zachary Nading.

Musicians: Stephanie Layton, John Lander.