We founded Bach Café in 2019 after moving back to our hometown, Istanbul, from New York. Istanbulites who follow cultural events discovered us right away. We performed and organized music, theater and philosophy events in an atmosphere where everyone felt at home along with tea, coffee and cookies. In March 2020, we stopped our events due to the Coronavirus pandemic. During the pandemic, thanks to our teammate Murat Demir (SuperMurat!) we realized our dream of creating a digital platform to connect with our global audience. Now, our works, thoughts and carefully selected works of our artist friends are here and Bach Café is wherever you are.

You won’t find too many works in Bach Café Digital. We want to present selected works of quality instead of dazzling you with quantity. New music recordings, stories, original series and films are on the way. 

The contents in Bach Café Digital cannot be found in mainstream channels.

We started Bach Café Digital to give the artists what they deserve from their creative works, we are standing against the giants who don’t mind crushing the artists. At least fifty percent of the revenue made through the works of artists in Bach Café Digital, will return to the artists.

Bach Café Digital doesn’t work with subscriptions. We do not intend to bind you as tenants. You can browse, buy the works you are interested in and listen/watch/read them whenever you want.

On Bach Café Digital there won't be commercials that keep popping up and disturbing your Reading, Listening or Watching experience.

We only follow your clicks and actions to make Bach Café Digital better. Unlike other channels, we won't follow your digital footprint for commercials tailored to you.

Bach Café Digital profile can be used in only three devices. This is a caution we take to protect the rights of our works. It is illegal to copy, distribute and resell the works in Bach Café Digital without our consent. We are sure those of you who read these words will be respectful to the rights of the artists.

We hope Bach Café Digital will bring beauty to your life. You can e-mail us about the problems you encounter while using the web-app. We’re a very small team but we’ll resolve the issues and reply to your concerns as soon as possible. If you enjoy Bach Café Digital, please tell your friends and families about us. We wish to bring some color to everyone’s lives with our content.

Thank you for your interest,

Ege Maltepe and Emir Gamsız