TEA for 3 is the story of three friends from three different nationality and cultural background. This is the story of a French, an American and a Turkish woman who met each other in New York City, and became best friends.

Turkish playwright/actor/director Ege Maltepe’s play is composed in three parts. In each part one of the main characters happens to take the responsibility of running a coffee house in Manhattan. They all face the challenges in their own style, see the circumstances through their own cultural perspective, and get in trouble in their own way with a touch of a misunderstanding caused by the cultural differences of the other two.

TEA for 3 discusses the friendship between three different cultures coming from three different continents. The positive standardization of the United States meets the individualistic pessimism of Europe. The Turkish attitude being neither from Asia nor Middle East nor Europe, gives the story another perspective and makes it harder for us to categorize the events.

Written and directed by

Ege Maltepe


Ege Maltepe, M. Rainer, Tessa Martin, Chase Burnett,  Rebecca David, Martha Gelnaw, J. Furlong, Cihangir Duman

Music: Emir Gamsız

Poster design: Ozlem Ucer

The piece has been developed as a part of LaGuardia Performing Arts Center’s LAB201 program.