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Aslı, Ayşe, Hale and Müge, four friends from elementary school find each other years later. Their worlds turn upside down after hearing the news from Müge, who is a scientist working in Wuhan University. Through the windows into these four women’s lives Talking Heads chronicles what we have all been gone through in our lives and in our heads in 2020.

The series written and filmed during Covid-19 pandemic.

Coming soon to Bach Cafe!

Writer, Director, Actor: Ege Maltepe

Director of Photography: Emir Gamsız

Music: Emir Gamsız

Camera: Emir Gamsız

Set, costume, props: Ege Maltepe ve Emir Gamsız

Make up: Ege Maltepe 

Editing: Emir Gamsız, Ege Maltepe

Poster: Emir Gamsız