Emin Maltepe (1952)

Actor, Educator

Voice over artist


Emin Maltepe, graduated from the Theater Department of the Istanbul Municipal Conservatory in 1975, started his professional acting career with the play “One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest” staged at the Kenter Theater the same year. He appeared at Kenter Theater, Galata Perform, And Other Things Group, Kartal Art Theater and Istanbul State Theater.

His acting credits include  ''Okra with Minced Meat in the Pressure Cooker'', "Long Day's Journey into Night", "It was a Calm and Chilly Morning the Day I Started my Journey", "During The Night", "The Guardian", "A Pair Of Wool Socks", "The Great Gatsby". His film credits are “Öz Doğru Police Station: Asayis Berkemal Aga” (2012), “Crime Element” (2019). Maltepe  is teaching Acting in Maltepe University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Acting and Theater.