Cenk Erbiner (1976)  

Violist, Composer


Cenk Erbiner is an internationally known violist for new music and world music and has been playing for the Anhalt Philharmonic Dessau since 2010. He was born in Istanbul in 1976 and studied viola in Istanbul University Conservatory at Cigdem Altas Epikmas. During this time he was already busy with jazz and world music and played piano and viola in many different ensembles. He continued his viola studies with Prof. Nobuko Imai (1999-2002) at the Detmold University of Music. Then he gave his concert exam with Prof. Tatjana Masurenko at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater "Felix Mendelssohn Barthold" Leipzig. Following the classic viola training he expanded his studies in the field of jazz at the Leipzig University of Music. He worked with Gregor Hübner, Richie Beirach and Kayhan Kalhor.

Cenk Erbiner connects elements of classical, jazz, world and electronic music with the colors of its oriental origins in a unique way and transfers them to the viola.

Erbiner is a Dr. Nejat Eczacibasi Foundation scholar and founding member of World Music

Ensemble; Nereden (From Where). 

His compositional works include chamber music pieces; a quartet for theremin and string trio (2016), duet for synthesizer and violin (2015) and film and theater music for the Impuls Festival (Der Wind der Freedom, 2016).