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Tales of Aesop

Narrated by Ege Maltepe

Music by Johann Sebastian Bach

Pianist: Emir Gamsız


About the storyteller Aesop:

These fales written by the ancient storyteller Aesop (6th century B.C.) are now considered as the common treasure of humanity, as they inspired writers and thinkers all around the world for centuries. In these tales animals, plants and onjects think, talk, and act like humans. The stories have morals about social life, friendship and morality. Values such as justice, comradery, forgiveness, generosity, humbleness, faithfulness and knowing one-self are glorified, while animosity, stingyness, lying, cruelty, greed and selfishness are criticized.

The Tales in the Album:

The Fox and the Grapes

The Kid and the Wolf

The Wolf and the Crane

The Lion and the Archer

The Woman and her Hen

The Hawk and the Pigeons

The Kid and the Scorpion

The Old Dog

The Mountain in Labor

The Flies and the Honey Pot

Two Bags

The Arrogant Crow

The Dog the Cock and the Fox

The Cock and the Jewel

The Lion and the Fox

The Musician Fisherman

The House Dog and the Wolf

The Country Mouse and the City Mouse

The Dog and its Shadow

The Hen and the Eagle

The Rabbit and the Turtle