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Domenico Scarlatti


Selected Keyboard Sonatas 1

(21 compositions, 87 minutes)

Emir Gamsız, piano


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Italian baroque composer Domenico Scarlatti spent a long part of his life in Spain. It is no coincidence that hot Spain with Flamenco dancers comes to life in your eyes, while listening to the music of the composer influenced by Spanish music and culture.

Pianist Emir Gamsız's interest in Italian culture dragged him into the works of Italian composers as soon as he started playing the piano. Discovering the 555 sonata of Domenico Scarlatti, his young eyes glowed with joy, but as he learned and played the works, he was surprised by the Spanish air he began to hear. Until she learned about Scarlatti's interesting life story, her forbidden love affair with the Portuguese  princess of her time, Maria Barbara. Scarlatti's music is a great example of how a good musician is influenced by the beauty of the surrounding culture, and how he can place these beauties in the universal language of classical music.


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Domenico Scarlatti


Selected Keyboard Sonatas