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Cenk Erbiner

Mein Bosporus

(1  composition, 8:04 minutes)

Cenk Erbiner, viola


Read about the violist-composer: Click here


Mein Bosporus (My Bosphorus) is a reflection of violist-composer Cenk Erbiner's longing for the city of Istanbul, where he was born and raised in. After graduating from Istanbul conservatory at the age of 23, Erbiner went to Germany to further his studies as a musician and made the city of Leipzig his home. Erbiner who drew attention with his virtuoso performances in the traditional classical music repertoire, was also a composer who sought different harmonies and sounds in music since his school years. In this improvised piece, he introduces the listener to the world of sound that he creates by pushing the boundaries of the instrument and using electronic additions. In Mein Bosporus, only with a viola, one feels like looking around at the fish sandwich sellers in front of Kadikoy conservatory, then at Haydarpasha Train Station and then turns one’s head towards Topkapi Palace and ferries on the horizon along Bosphorus. Undoubtedly the composer's desire to search for these sounds with his viola, emerges from his longing for his city, Istanbul.