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Frédéric François Chopin


Selected Piano Works 1

(24 compositions, 104 minutes)

Emir Gamsız, piano


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A selection of the most beloved works by the poet of the piano, Polish composer Frédéric Chopin will be available in Fall 2021 at Bach Cafe with Emir Gamsız's interpretation.

The composer and pianist Chopin, who in a way, established the Romantic period with his solo piano works, settled in Paris as a refugee after Russia invaded Poland in 1830. He spent many years in Paris longing to return to his homeland, which could not escape from the Russian occupation, soon gained a place in Paris art circles. His relationship with the novelist Aurore Dupin, known under the pseudonym George Sand, has been a subject for many movies. He took his place in history with the works he wrote for solo piano. Chopin died in Paris at the age of 39, when a kind of pneumonia he had been struggling since his childhood, worsened. After his death, his heart was removed at his request and was taken to Poland by his sister Ludwika in a jar of alcohol. Chopin's heart is buried under a pillar in the Church of the Holy Cross in Warsaw.

Pianist Emir Gamsız's story with Chopin is very special. Gamsız, a 19-year-old basketball player, tried to play by imitating a Chopin waltz that his mother played on the piano when he was resting at home after an injury. When his mother returned home, he could not hide her astonishment when he heard the waltz that his son learned by himself without knowledge of notes. Gamsız did not leave his piano during this period of injury, and decided to prepare for the conservatory exam in a short time and switched from sportsmanship to becoming a virtuoso pianist.


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Frédéric François Chopin


Selected piano works from:

Valses, Études, Préludes, Nocturnes, 

Mazurkas, Ballades, Scherzos, Polonaises, 

Impromptus, Berceuse & Funeral March