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Johann Sebastian Bach


Chatty Pianist and 

BWV 988 - Goldberg, Bach, 

Math & Philosophy

(1 composition + 1 talk, 130 minutes)

Emir Gamsız (Chatty Pianist)


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One of Johann Sebastian Bach's best-known compositions, the Goldberg Variations was first published in 1741. The title was named after Johann Gottlieb Goldberg, who was also the first performer of the work. The first Bach biographer was Johann Nikolaus Forkel, and Forkel describes in his book that this monumental composition was linked to the sleep of the Russian ambassador, Count Kaiserling; in other words insomnia. Because Chatty Pianist Emir Gamsız thinks that it would be a great loss to introduce this piece with such a simple story with a little information about the technical difficulties of its performance, and not associate it with other disciplines; he is now bringing his Chatty Pianist talk concerts he started in New York to the recording environment. Based on Goldberg's mathematical complexity, Chatty Pianist Emir Gamsız, presents a 45-minute talk on the points where both Bach and Goldberg meet math and philosophy, and then he presents the 85-minute performance of the work in the same recording. Emir Gamsız did the Turkish premiere of Bach's Goldberg Variations in 2008 and took his place in the history of Turkish classical music. It was 2007, a year before the premiere, he started to learn this giant composition, right after he moved to New York from Paris. Now 14 years passed since the first notes of the Aria he played on his Upper West Side apartment in Manhattan and he finally decided to record his beloved Bach composition for the first time.


Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

Chatty Pianist talk about BWV 988 - Goldberg Variations

BWV 988 - Goldberg Variations

BWV 988 - Aria (Goldberg Çeşitlemeleri)