Northeast China 

Folk Lullaby


Emir Gamsız, piano


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"Classical Lullabies"

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Northeastern Cradle Song (Chinese: 东北摇篮曲) is a lullaby known widely in China, and is a folk song representative of Northeast China. This cradle song is said to be originally sung in Pulandian, now part of Greater Dalian, at the time when Pulandian was called New Jin Prefecture (in Chinese: 新金县), located north of Jinzhou (in Chinese: 金州)).

English Translation

Northeastern Cradle Song

1. The moon is bright, the wind is quiet,

     The tree leaves hang over the window.

     My little baby, go to sleep quickly,

     Sleep, dreaming sweet dreams.

2. The moon is bright, the wind is quiet,

     The cradle moves softly.

     My little one, close your eyes,

     Sleep, sleep, dreaming sweet dreams.

Simplified Chinese:


1. 月儿明,风儿静,




2. 月儿那个明,风儿那个静,




Traditional Chinese:


1. 月兒明,風兒靜,




2. 月兒那個明,風兒那個靜,