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Robert Schumann 


Op.15, No.7 - Träumerei

from Kinderszenen

Emir Gamsız, piano


This piece is in the album:

"Classical Lullabies"

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Op. 15 - Kinderszenen (Scenes from Childhood), by Robert Schumann, is a set of thirteen pieces of music for piano written in 1838. When Schumann wrote Kinderszenen, he was deeply in love with Clara Wieck, despite the objections of his overbearing father. The composer worked at a feverish pace and composed these pieces in just several days. In fact, he wrote thirty small pieces, but trimmed them to the thirteen that comprise the work. The unused movements were later published as part of Op.99 - Bunte Blätter, and Op.124 - Albumblätter. He told Clara that she was inspired by her interpretation that "thirty small, droll things", most of which are less than a page in length, sometimes look "childish". He described them as "more cheerful, gentler, more melodic" than his previous works in 1840. They are fairly simple in terms of execution and of course their subject concerns the children's world. However, Schumann, however, pointed out that these are not intended for children. Träumerei (The Dream), the seventh piece of the work, is one of Schumann's best known works. It is a depiction of childhood innocence, vulnerability, and gentleness  The main theme is sweetly innocent and emotional, clearly representing the adult Schumann's indulgent view of aspects of his own childhood. The "Träumerei" melody is an unforgettable melody, one of the most memorable in all Kinderszenen, the harmonies are simple yet distinctive and the overall mood is dreamy and relaxing. The whole piece lasts under three minutes, but it is the longest in Kinderszenen. There is no known complete manuscript of Kinderszenen.