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Franz Peter Schubert


D.498 - Wiegenlied (Godowsky)

Emir Gamsız, piano


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"Classical Lullabies"

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Franz Schubert's Lullaby "Schlafe, schlafe, holder süßer Knabe", D.498 (or Op.98, No.2) was composed in November 1816. Although this wonderful little melody is Schubert's most delicate, delicate and heartfelt work, it has a very simple harmonic structure on paper. Although it is not known who wrote the poem that the song is based on, it was attributed to Matthias Claudius at that time, and even Schubert thought the poem belonged to Claudius. Not knowing who the poet is, because of the expression "buried" in his verses, it is not possible to determine whether it is a romantic definition of the crib or really the death of a child. The death of premature babies was common at that time, and as a bad coincidence, a few months after the writing of the work, Schubert's younger half-brother Theodor Kajetan Anton died. Therefore, it is possible to see this lullaby as a musical gratitude to the sublime beauty of life. Reaching a touching, positive and benevolent music mixed with such an unobtrusive melancholy from such a dramatic subject is a result that only Schubert can achieve in music history.


Schlafe, schlafe, holder, süßer Knabe,

leise wiegt dich deiner Mutter Hand;

sanfte Ruhe, milde Labe

bringt dir schwebend dieses Wiegenband.

Schlafe, schlafe in dem süßen Grabe,

noch beschützt dich deiner Mutter Arm;

alle Wünsche, alle Habe

faßt sie liebend, alle liebewarm.

Schlafe, schlafe in der Flaumen Schooße,

noch umtönt dich lauter Liebeston;

eine Lilie, eine Rose,

nach dem Schlafe werd' sie dir zum Lohn.


Slumber, slumber, O my darling baby,

Gently rocked by Mother's gentle hand;

Softly rest and safely slumber,

While she swings thee by this cradle-band.

Slumber, slumber, all so sweetly buried,

Guarded by thy mother's loving arm;

All her wishes, all possessions,

And her love, shall shelter thee from harm.

Slumber, slumber, warm thy nest and downy,

Many a loving song for thee she'll sing;

Then a rosebud and a lily,

When thou wakest, she to thee will bring.