Ahmed Adnan Saygun


Op.10 - İnci's Book, (1934)

6.Lullaby: Tranquillo

Emir Gamsız, piano


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"Classical Lullabies"

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Born in 1907 in historical Turkish city of İzmir, composer, ethnomusicologist, music educator and the first National Artist of the Republic of Turkey, Ahmed Adnan Saygun is also a member of the group of composers known in music history as the Turkish Five. İnci's Book (İnci'nin Kitabı) is childish but not children's music. It is similar to Gabriel Fauré's Dolly Suite in the sense of evoking a child who was a part of the composer's life. Ahmet Adnan Saygun composed İnci's Book (7 Pieces for Piano, Op.10), one of his early works, in 1934. The composer dedicated this work to his teacher, Madam Eugène Borrel, with whom he took harmony and counterpoint lessons during his education at "Schola Cantorum" in France.

This book, which reflects Turkish folk and traditional music, consists of seven easy pieces titled İnci, Mischievous Cat, Fairy Tale, Big Baby, Oyun, Lullaby and Dream. Among these works, Lullaby contains the melodic color of the lullabies of the composer's own culture, as is commonly seen in the lullabies of composers from other cultures. It is a small work that evokes Anatolian lullabies. İnci's Book has an important place in the modern Turkish piano education repertoire.