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Charles-Valentin Alkan


Op.31 - Preludes No.12, Livre 2

"J'Étais endormie, mais…”

Emir Gamsız, piano


This piece is in the album:

"Classical Lullabies"

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Charles-Valentin Alkan wrote 25 preludes for solo piano or organ in 1844; they were published as his Op.31 in 1847. These preludes span all 24 major and minor keys, plus an additional 25th prelude in C major. Op.31 preludes were published as two books and it's impossible to date precisely No.12 from the 2nd book, J'étais endormie, but almost certainly it comes from the mid-1840s during Alkan's period of "rhythmic research" and preoccupation with a time of five. Busoni thought well enough of J'étais endormie to include this small but strangely shimmering masterpiece in his programs from 1902, and it is, today, among the most frequently programmed of Alkan's smaller pieces.